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Almost 90% of professional software developers use agile in their work. Agile Pro Tips delivers training that closes the gap between theoretical knowledge and how agile is really used in the enterprise world. Our training is geared toward professionals ready for the next step in their agile careers.

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Learn at your pace on your schedule. Perfect for busy professionals on the go!

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More enterprises are transforming to agile making it a rapidly growing career path.

Train with industry experts sharing real world experiences and examples. Earn continuing eduction credits with our tactical agile training.


Free Preview – Interviewing in Agile

A FREE sample version of our popular course: Interviewing in Agile. This is a great way to see if taking the full course makes sense for you. It features several videos taken directly from the full course and provides a great starting point for anyone trying to decide if they want an agile role like scrum master, product owner, agile coach, business analyst, agile developer, or agile UX lead.

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Interviewing in Agile

After completing this course you will have: a solid understanding of enterprise agility, a new resume focused on the agile roles you seek, and bulletproof interview strategies. We cover everything you need to know to decipher job listings, revamp your resume, attract the attention of hiring managers, and rebrand yourself for success in an agile role.

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Agile Training - Women - The Job Search Mindset Matters

Women: The Job Search Mindset Matters

If you’re a woman ready for a job or career change, this course is for you. Having a clear positive mental foundation will make tactical steps like resume writing and interviewing so much easier. Get inspired today for a positive job search mindset for a better tomorrow. Men are welcome too!

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Become an Agile Coach

Take advantage of one of the fastest-growing disciplines within Information Technology as Agile is expanding into government and manufacturing at an ever-increasing rate. Dive into agile practices at the enterprise level, how to launch teams toward agile success, and building program level teams that transform organizations.

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Learn with Industry Experts


Agile Training Coach - Joe Burroughs
Joe Burroughs, CATC, CEAC, CSM, MS

Joe Burroughs is an Agile Transformation Specialist working with Fortune 100 companies. He is a Certified Agile Transformation Coach (CATC) and a Certified Enterprise Agility Coach (CEAC).


Joe began his career at a boutique media company consulting with software, manufacturing, and financial services clients. After transitioning to large scale enterprises, Joe found his passion for instructional design with IBM on their Management Development Team.  He honed that craft at a higher education consortium ultimately transitioning the entire organization to a lean form of Agile. He eventually returned back to financial services where he now implements Agile at enterprise scale.


Joe is passionate about sharing knowledge. He uses his extensive industry experience to provide curated content to propel Agile professionals forward in their career.

Agile Training Coach - Caroleen Burroughs
Caroleen Burroughs

Caroleen Burroughs stays agile in her career path. She started as a mechanical engineer in manufacturing then pivoted to an analyst in financial services, and now is a Relationship Manager in the technology space.


After multiple career transitions in rapid fire, Caroleen developed a clear roadmap for being agile with rebranding. Her passion is encouraging women to empower each other through learning and sharing experiences. As more friends wanted this guidance, Caroleen is packaging it to share through Agile Pro Tips.

What Our Students Have to Say

Joe has a unique way of humanizing real world skills that are needed in a work environment. He is able to communicate on a level that makes sense. He is clear and has real world examples that people can use in their day to day lives.
If you’re navigating the complex world of Agile, I’d highly recommend taking one of the courses Joe leads. He helps connect the dots of Agile theories and concepts to everyday, real world challenges. I was able to use the tools and techniques I learned in his course immediately.
Joe is an excellent instructor and mentor! He broke down everything very clearly, provided visuals and talked through real world examples. Agile is new to me, but Joe made it simple to understand this method and applicable in my career path.
The course was great and I highly recommend. Joe has a manner which makes the course material relevant and applicable for everyone. Joe's combination of wit, humor and knowledge brought the material alive and purposeful. He made complex topics understandable and simple.