Agile Organization a solid foundation in Agility from definition to delivery

Agile Organizations

Course Description Agile is taking over the way corporate America works, but what is Agile?  How is Agile product delivery different from traditional or waterfall projects? This course will answer those questions and more. You will learn how Agile can transform the way you contribute in your current work environment and prepare you for your …

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Tips for Agile Teams Working Remotely

Tips for Agile Teams Working Remotely

Teams working remotely face unique challenges This course provides guidance on how to address challenges like technology issues, working from home distractions, and much more so that your team can regain morale, establish momentum and increase engagement. The videos in this course can be viewed on any device or computer and paused, rewatched, even sped …

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Less to do Today how to cut your workload in half!

Less to do Today!

You have already taken the first step to cutting your workload in half! Begin the course by clicking on the Introduction lesson below under “Course Content.” You can stop and come back at any point and your start right back where you left off. Course materials will be available at the top of each lesson …

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Leading in Agile Live Online Training

Leading in Agile Live Online 8/19/20 6:30 PM EST

Leadership within agile organizations requires having a multitude of tools in your management toolbox and that is exactly what this live online event delivers. We will cover: Motivation Leadership Styles Creative Problem Solving Conflict Management And much more! This will be a 45 minute presentation with a open question and answer session immediately following.

Become an Agile Coach

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching is one of the fastest-growing disciplines within Information Technology [IT] and Agile is expanding into government agencies and manufacturing at an ever-increasing rate. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and learn to transition into Agile Coaching. This course is designed to provide a complete picture of Agile Coaching by sharing real-world practices, organizational …

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Interviewing in Agile

Interviewing in Agile

Why take this course? After completing this course you will have: a solid understanding of enterprise agility, a new resume focused on the agile roles you are interested in, and bulletproof interview prep including strategies for answering even the toughest interview questions. I’ll cover everything you need to know to decipher job listings, revamp your …

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