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Course Description

Agile is taking over the way corporate America works, but what is Agile?  How is Agile product delivery different from traditional or waterfall projects? This course will answer those questions and more. You will learn how Agile can transform the way you contribute in your current work environment and prepare you for your future in an Agile Organization.  This comprehensive workshop provides a variety of modalities for learning about what Agile is and how to strategically implement Agile practices.  From watching instructional videos, participating in guided discussions, reading industry articles, and completing structured workbook exercises, you have an opportunity to build your Agile toolbox. This way you will have more to bring to the table with every job and every career move as you contribute at higher levels within Agile Organizations. 

This course is for anyone who is interested in, or currently working in an Agile Organization.  Learn why companies choose to transform to Agile and how to align yourself with that organizational goal.  Increase your value tremendously and you will see Agile as one of your keys to success. 


Upon completion of this workshop, each participant will be able to:

  • Identify and articulate what Agile is
  • Understand the benefits and goals of Agile organizations
  • Identify the complexities, challenges, and misconceptions of Agile organizations
  • Recognize the importance of transforming people and teams with culture and proper change management
  • Understand that Agile is a constant journey of continuous improvement
  • Assess your own natural Agile leadership style and how to expand on it
  • Understand how to establish, organize, train, and maintain Agile teams