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Women: The Job Search Mindset Matters

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Why take this course?

Women are outpacing men in higher education yet we still make less than men for equivalent roles.  What are we missing?  It all starts with mindset.  Are you in the right role at the right level?  Are you getting paid your worth?   

Job searching is hard work and it’s especially challenging for women who may be looking for a career change or re-entering the workforce.  Spoiler alert.  Women are different than men.  Women approach life and careers with a different attitude.  Some leave the workforce for child-rearing, others put their careers second for family/spouses/mates, while many others stay underemployed or undereducated due to other circumstances.  This course prepares women mentally for how your thoughts, feelings, and actions will directly impact your job search.  

Of course, men are also welcome!

Why now?

Your time is limited.  Sure, you can search the internet for inspiring articles and chat with friends about what may or may not have worked for them but do you really have time for that?   I’ve bundled all of my stories and experiences into a clear and organized course to share.  I’ve experienced leaving my career for child rearing, being a single mom for 13 years, and most recently, I had four jobs and two career changes in 18 months.  I’ve made tons of mistakes along the way and now want to share what I’ve learned so you can save time and avoid my pitfalls.

What will I get out of it?

This course takes you through the three parts that make up mindset:  thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I’ll cover how mindset heavily influences your job search and how you share your story.  Each topic starts with a statement that you may be telling yourself today and explain a better positive way to reframe it for tomorrow.  The class is structured into bite size topics that you can consume on the go.  You can also repeat and listen to the parts that impact you the most.

Like preparing for any big activity, your mind also requires training to ensure that you’re starting with a positive and confident attitude.  Having a strong mental foundation will make tactical steps like resume writing and interviewing so much easier.   This is not a how-to class for resume writing or interviewing strategies. This is about preparing your mindset for the job hunting journey ahead. When you finish this course, you’ll be inspired on how to improve your mindset today for a better job search tomorrow.

If you’re worried that this course isn’t worth the money, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The bigger question is how much more will you gain in having a clear positive mindset with your job search?

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