Leadership Communication Tips

Leadership Communication Tips
Joe Burroughs

Joe Burroughs

Many people are frustrated by uncertainty and complexity in their jobs. I use Agile principles to provide clear and simple strategies so that you can win at work!

Communication is a complex human interaction that involves crafting the right message, choosing the right medium, and considering the right timing. Leaders need to be experts at this in addition to setting the correct tone while delivering their message. Communication is at the core of leadership and those who communicate well are poised to reap the benefits.

Here are some leadership communication tips to consider:

  1. Be honest and sincere – Authenticity counts with your audience, so find your voice and avoid using corporate-speak, jargon, acronyms, and complexities. Craft your message as if you were delivering it to a ten-year-old. If you can’t explain your concept in simple terms it likely means you don’t understand it yourself.
  2. Communicate more often – Leaders typically think their message is being heard because they spend so much time reviewing and crafting it. The average person has to hear the same message 3-5 times before it even rises to the level of awareness much less understanding. It is nearly impossible to overcommunicate so do not concern yourself with that.
  3. Visibility is key – If you expect people to pay attention to your messages you must be a visible part of their world. If you only appear when you want to communicate you will be ignored. Instead, participate in the daily actions of your team and those below them when possible. Ask questions and check-in with everyone in your area as often as you can.
  4. Listen more – Communication is a meal not a snack. This means you should share it with your audience: hear their reactions, ask for their feedback, challenge them to participate. If you can bring their concerns and ideas into the open more quickly, your organization will benefit immensely.

Communication is the number one tool leaders have to accomplish their goals. I encourage you to practice and perfect your communication techniques and strategies so that you can become the leader you were meant to be!


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Joe Burroughs

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  1. In the work at home environment, we currently live in a leader can demonstrate visibility by at least acknowledging your email within the week that it’s sent.

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